Fusion provides portal and integration capabilities through enterprise mashups. It can portalize, integrate and workflow-enable legacy applications with zero change to their source code. Fusion also includes extensible Identity Management and Single-Sign-On capabilities.

Business Scenarios

Call Centre
Fusion enables call centers to improve efficiency and call handling time by integrating heterogeneous applications.

Banking & Finance
Banks achieve 80% improvement in task completion time using Fusion to automate workflows between legacy applications.

Telco providers eliminate re-keying errors and significantly improve handling of service calls using Fusion.

Fusion enables businesses to quickly integrate with suppliers and vendors via externally accessible applications, without requiring B2B protocols and dedicated channels.


Portal & Mashup
Fusion assembles portals from heterogeneous applications by mashing up their user interfaces. Using Fusion you can portalize non-Web applications with ease and without touching the application code.

Workflow & Integration
Fusion integrates applications "at the glass" using its mashup engine. Complex workflow automations can be fitted in front of heterogeneous legacy applications ranging from Web, Windows, unix, mainframe, and other thick clients. Fusion also supports integration of applications running on Citrix.

Identity Management & SSO
An enterprise-ready IDM and SSO implementation is provided out of the box with Fusion. This simplifies SSO into heterogeneous applications and speeds up user productivity. Users can control parameters such as auto-launch, auto-relogin etc in order to make optimum use of enterprise resources.